I’m sure you’re all familiar with the famous joke: “How do you know if someone is vegan?” “That’s easy, they tell you!” Well, I’m about to feed into that stereotype (for a good reason, of course). Everyone has something that drives them, makes them tick, and excites them professionally (aside from their paycheck).

My name is Reagan Fountain, and I am a senior Public Relations student from Key West, Florida, currently studying at the University of Florida. I’m sure you saw this coming, but I also have been vegan for over seven years. This is important to note because it gives insight into my interests and who I am as an individual. I am passionate about animal welfare/rights, environmentalism, activism, nutrition/health and wellness, cooking, food blogging, recipe creation, photography/videography, writing, traveling, communication and design.

Since starting my vegan food page (@vegoutlook on Instagram) in mid-March of 2021, my drive, passion, and fire have only intensified with each day. Since then, I have accumulated over 1.5k loyal followers, landed myself a paid internship turned full-time position with Trupo Treats (a vegan chocolate company), published an article on the FL Keys official website, and collaborated with over 15 vegan companies. My work has also been featured on some of the world’s most notable vegan food pages. These companies include (but aren’t limited to) Gardein, which has over 167k Instagram followers, as well as Benihana (with over 183k followers), Upton’s Naturals (45.3K followers), Trupo Treats (20k followers), JJ’s Cocomels (21.2k followers) and Eat Snacklins (17.5k followers).

My work with these companies has included coordinating giveaways, creating recipes, designing giveaway graphics, making videos, developing social media strategies, building my website, and photographing aesthetically pleasing food creations made by yours truly. I also recently became a mentee of Denise Morrison, who was formerly the CEO of Campbell’s for over 17 years and was recognized on Forbes’ list of “Top 20 Women in Business.” Our work together has involved extensive dialogue and research on various companies, job positions, industries, networking, and interview tactics. We’ve also had many enlightening conversations about my goals, passions, and desires regarding the future endeavors I could envision myself embarking on. I believe the advice and knowledge I have received from her have had a profound, positive impact on me as a hopeful future-PR professional. I am actively looking to gain experience, make connections, try new things, add to my resume and soak up knowledge like a sponge.

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